Digital Locking Cylinder 3061 is setting completely new benchmarks in building security with its door monitoring design.

Besides a locking and access control function, this cylinder also offers you a compact door monitoring system. A sensor in the fastening screw reliably monitors the door status and any changes to this status. Information is actively forwarded to the LSM Locking System Management software via the WaveNet, indicating whether  the door is open or closed, the bolt is completely retracted or extended, the door has been locked once or double locked or has been open too long. This information is then processed further.

  • Standard Euro Profile cylinder as per DIN 18252 / EN1303 / DIN EN 15684 / EN 1303 for fitting into Euro profile locks as per DIN 18251. Approval for fitting into locks as per DIN 18250
  • Cable-free door monitoring
  • Easy to retrofit, easy to install
  • Use mouse to access overview showing status of monitored doors
  • Reporting of critical events such as attempted manipulation  and non-locking of doors to restricted access areas and similar
  • Seamless integration into the SimonsVoss solutions portfolio


The monitoring cylinder is based on the existing standard FD Cylinder and has been equipped with the following new functions:

Detection of the door opening status via a sensor in the fastening screw

  • A permanent magnet is attached to the door frame. The external magnetic field is detected by the  sensor in the fastening screw.

Locking status detected via the cam

  • A sensor in the cylinder monitors cam rotations and detects the position of the dead bolt

Capturing and processing information

  • The electronics in the thumb-turn processes all information and either saves it there and/or forwards it to the LSM via the WaveNet

Analysis by LSM

  • The current door statuses in all door monitoring cylinders are displayed in the matrix in LSM*
  • Each status change in all door monitoring cylinders in a locking system is recorded in a list
  • Alarms can be transmitted by email, mobile text message or a pop-up window in conjunction with an event agent during the monitoring period.* These can alert to events such as door manipulation, unauthorised access attempts or when door opening intervals are exceeded

* In conjunction with LSM Business or LSM Professional only


The Door Monitoring Cylinder records the following information:

  • Door open or closed
  • Detection of an attempted break-in/manipulation with an external magnet involving a locked door
  • Door bolted or securely locked
  • Cylinder opening by authorised transponder
  • Attempted entry using a non-authorised transponder
  • Recording of date and time


LSM (Version 3.2 and higher)

  • LSM Basic (only possible to log door statuses)
  • LSM Business or LSM Professional for online monitoring together with LSM Network xx, LSM Online
  • Optional LSM DM Calibrate to help install the Door Monitoring Cylinder


  • The WaveNet network is required for online monitoring


  • An intelligent fastening screw must be ordered to accompany the cylinder, the length of which depends on the backset
  • DM cylinders cannot be used in multi-lock systems with gears (gear locks)

Technical specifications.

  • Euro Profile Door Monitoring Cylinder as per DIN 18252 / EN 1303 / DIN EN 15684, stainless steel design, freely rotating on both sides
  • Thumb-turn diameter: 30 mm
  • Basic installation length: 30-35 mm (external/inside dimension)
  • Overall length: up to 140 mm (max. 90 mm on one side);
    special lengths on request
  • Protection rating: IP54; .WP version (electronic thumb-turn): IP66
  • Battery type: 2 x lithium, CR2450, 3 V
  • Temperature range:
    operational: -25 °C to +65 °C
    in storage: -35 °C to +50 °C
  • About 800 door statuses can be stored
  • Time zone groups: 100+1
  • Up to 64,000 transponders can be managed per locking cylinder
  • Up to 304,000 locks can be managed per transponder
  • Can be directly networked with integrated Lock Node (network thumb-turn cover WNM.LN.I)


Digital Euro Profile Double Thumb-turn Cylinder 3061 – Door Monitoring with G2 functions
Installation length 30–35 mm, freely rotating on both sides; includes access control, time zone control and logging; stainless steel design; may only be used in conjunction with an intelligent fastening screw, which must be ordered separately
Intelligent Fastening Screw for Door Monitoring Cylinder See other Accessories for Active Cylinders;
brass design .MS
Weatherproof version, Protection Rating IP66 (electronic thumb-turn) .WP
Fire-retardant version for use in steel and fire doors .FH
Multi-point version for use in doors with multi-point locks; from installation length 35–35 mm .MR

(all length specifications: external - inside)
Overall length between 70 mm and 80 mm e.g.
overall length 80 mm and 100 mm e.g.
overall length 100 mm and max. 140 mm
(max. 90 mm one one side)
overall length over 140 mm or
over 90 mm on one side
on request