Pioneering brand :
German Brand Award 2016 for SimonsVoss.

SimonsVoss, a leading electronic lock manufacturer and brand of Allegion, is the winner of the German Brand Award 2016. In presenting the award to SimonsVoss, the renowned German Design Council is honouring the digital locking systems specialist's 'exceptional brand management.' SimonsVoss has thus been commemorated as the sector’s 'Best Product and Company Brand' in the 'Industry Excellence in Branding' competition class in the Building and Elements category. The award ceremony took place during a Gala event in Berlin on 16 June 2016.


'For SimonsVoss, brand management and design have always been inseparably interlinked,' states Nicole Huffer, head of marketing communications at SimonsVoss. 'We have not only carried out pioneering technological work with our digital locking systems, but we have also always pursed the aim of realising a vision of a keyless world with user-friendly, well-designed locking systems. To achieve this, we have established appealing product design and simple operation of our digital locking systems as a core element of the SimonsVoss brand. That is why we are extremely pleased about the recognition that the German Brand Award 2016 gives us.'   


Pioneering brands and brand creators
The German Brand Award is presented on a yearly basis. This accolade for successful brand management is designed to identify, present and honour pioneering brands and brand creators. The award is handed out in three competition classes: Excellence in Branding, Industry Excellence in Branding and Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation. Only companies which have been nominated by the German Brand Institute, its brand scouts and the German Brand Award 2016 committees of experts were able to take part.


The German Brand Awards jury included the chairperson Andrej Kupetz (general manager of the German Design Council), Professor Tobias Kollmann (professor for E-Business and E-Entrepreneurship at Duisburg-Essen University), Professor Mike Richter (professor for Strategy and Planning of Design Processes, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) and Professor Simone Roth (professor for International Marketing, Hamburg). 


The German Design Council
The German Design Council sees itself as the representative of international design and brand activities in Germany and assists industry in all design and brand matters. It has been the central institution for cross-discipline design transfer in Germany for over 60 years. Set up as a foundation following an initiative by the German Bundestag in 1953 and funded by German industry, it has been an enduring promoter of exceptional design ever since. An organiser of congresses, conferences, seminars and various competitions, the German Design Council has established itself as a globally active centre of design excellence over the decades.