Every industry is different
– just like our concepts.

Every industry places a particular set of demands on its security systems, on its access control mechanisms, and on the integration of other systems into these. That is why SimonsVoss has developed special solutions for industries such as banking, manufacturing, health care or education. The way different systems are planned is influenced by a number of factors, which include:

  • Size of company
  • Number of networked locations
  • Security requirements of the various areas
  • Applicable legal requirements and insurance regulations
  • Interfaces with other systems
  • Personnel structures
  • Budget


Banks place particularly stringent security demands on lock systems and access control. Their first priority is the physical protection of sensitive customer data. To achieve that, what is essential is a solution, which is not only effective, but also flexible. More...


In industrial enterprises, it is common for various different sets of access rights to exist. For example: development, production and administration areas. More...

Public Sector

Public sector buildings are usually open to the general public and subject to very heavy traffic. At the same time, they have to provide workers with undisturbed and protected places to work. It is therefore important that their two areas are securely separated. More...

Health Care

Sensitive areas such as laboratories and operating theatres require particularly effective protection. Medicines and anaesthetics, for example, should only be accessible to doctors and certain nursing staff. Furthermore, access to some wards has to be strictly regulated. More...


Educational institutions often have a large number of doors and locks. And they are often housed in historical buildings. Conversions and upgrades involving conventional locks are therefore particularly expensive. On top of that, universities typically consist of numerous different types of building. More...

Residental Buildings

Our digital locking systems are becoming increasingly popular for use in private residential buildings. Because they fulfil the highest standards of comfort, security and design, they are especially suitable for high-end properties. More...


There are countless other properties and developments in which our 3060 digital locking system can demonstrate its benefits to the full. Not only does it significantly increase security and convenience, it also brings gains in efficiency, which soon offset the initial investment. More...